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Two color water-based print on super soft Bella Canvas tees by the one and only @jonny_bummers. ACAB. $5 from every shirt sold will be donated to CUAV.org.

Founded in 1979, Community United Against Violence works to build the power of LGBTQ communities to transform violence and oppression. They do important work to combat prison development, oppressive Police systems and agencies, and work to increase the power and voice of LGBTQ survivors of violence in struggles for racial, economic, and migrant justice.

The earliest Police in the US were formed to control minorities. In New England settlers appointed Indian Constables to police native Americans. In the south, Police departments emerged from slave patrols, helping to maintain economic order and assist wealthy landowners in recovering and punishing the humans considered to be their property.

The first urban Police forces in the US were formed to suppress union organizing, labor unrest, and workers demonstrating to obtain better rights and improved working conditions. These Police were hired by the economic elite to protect their property and implemented as a strike-breaking task force through actions of thuggish violence.

Gonzalo Martinez was murdered in Downey. Unarmed, he stepped out of his car, one arm raised in peaceful surrender... the other arm injured, dangled limply at his side. The police fired on him, killing him with five bullets. This was recorded on two video tapes, neither which were never released to the public. The officers involved were acquitted of all charges and it was determined they acted appropriately. They fired on him 34 times. This story is not an anomaly. It happens with horrifying regularity.

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dimber, pronounced like the switch, or however you want. Upbeat music for downbeat people. Charged up rainbow sparkles, short and fast, spindles and shards of the Clueless soundtrack aimed against social control. Theme songs of desperation and hope in the modern age. ... more

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